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Shaping Our Board’s Engagement & Strategic Direction


Roles & Introductions   

Timekeeper: 5-mins

1.  Please identify a role for each person in your breakout group.
2. Please introduce yourself and briefly share what interests you most about the CEDS process (1-min per person).

Role Descriptions 

The notetaker will be responsible for documenting the highlights of the group’s conversation. 

Notetakers will share their screen with their group while capturing the group’s ideas below.

The facilitator will make a point to include everyone in the process by ensuring that quieter or more reserved voices are heard and that the group explores ideas (even challenging concepts) with an inclusive attitude and open mind.

The timekeeper encourages the group to stay on task, ensures that each person stays within their allotted time so that all members can contribute, and announces when time is halfway through and when time is nearly up.

The energizer helps the group keep their energy and momentum up with words of encouragement, active listening, and thoughtful inquiry. Look for ways to help create a safe space for others to share ideas and offer suggestions.

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The CEDS can be much more than just a static document, but rather an engaging platform that generates region-wide

discussions and serves as a call to action for economic development.  As members of the GSI board and community leaders,

what is the change, value, or impact you are trying to create through your active engagement in the CEDS process

Craft Your CEDS Process Goal

Timekeeper: Approx. 5-mins 


Try on Your Leadership Hats & Identify Interest Areas

Timekeeper: Approx. 5-mins

STEP three

The CEDS helps to build on the strengths of our region, as well as identify gaps in resources or expertise that need to be addressed. As we embark on the CEDS process, consider your involvement/engagement from the lens of each of your leadership “hats.”  What areas might you be most interested in exploring during this process and why? Brainstorm together and capture at least one interest area from each person in your group.

noun_Hard Hat_1864440.png
noun_baseball cap_2819561.png

Dive Deeper: Discuss & Unpack Interest Areas

Timekeeper: Approx. 10-mins per interest area. Please complete at least one interest area and move on to the second if time permits.


Review your list of interest areas from Step Three and choose two to explore more in-depth together. 

Summary & Common Ground

Timekeeper: Approx. 5-mins

step FIVE

Summarize your group's key takeaways and look for common ideas, concerns, and questions. Prepare to share briefly back to the board.

Thanks for submitting!

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