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Role Descriptions 

The notetaker will be responsible for documenting the highlights of the group’s conversation. 

Notetakers will share their screen with their group while capturing the group’s ideas below.

The facilitator will make a point to include everyone in the process by ensuring that quieter or more reserved voices are heard and that the group explores ideas (even challenging concepts) with an inclusive attitude and open mind.

The timekeeper encourages the group to stay on task, ensures that each person stays within their allotted time so that all members can contribute, and announces when time is halfway through and when time is nearly up.

The energizer helps the group keep their energy and momentum up with words of encouragement, active listening, and thoughtful inquiry. Look for ways to help create a safe space for others to share ideas and offer suggestions.

before your start

Roles & Introductions   

Timekeeper: 5-mins

1)  Please identify a role for each person in your breakout group.

2)  Please introduce yourself and briefly share which of GSI's Adaptive Challenges you are most interested in exploring today (<1-min per person).

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Shaping Our Board’s Engagement & Strategic Direction

As a group, review the examples of GSI's Adaptive Challenges below,

and choose one to start unpacking during your discussion today.

 Click on the image below to be linked to the corresponding workspace.
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