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Shaping Our Board’s Engagement & Strategic Direction


Over the past year and a half, we have been on a journey together as we balance the challenges and ongoing needs of our community, companies, and people.

We have pushed ourselves to dream big for our region and lean into GSI’s mission to lead transformative business and community initiatives to build a robust regional economy.   


And let’s admit it’s challenging, messy and sometimes confusing. At the same time, we have identified some key priorities in economic development, workforce and talent, advocacy, and sustainability that we want to tackle. All of the priorities have one thing in common – we can’t do it alone.  We have made significant progress through the mid-point of the year as we work together and stay focused on our goals.


If there is one thing the past couple of years has shown us, it is that our community needs GSI. It needs a regional organization that brings multiple segments of our community together at a shared table with the same goal in mind – building our economy and a brighter future for our community.  We did that in numerous ways during the pandemic and continue to do it for our regional growth and long-term community prosperity. 


Thank you for committing to and engaging in this journey.


Carla and Marcelo reviewed the recommended Board Governance Model at the May Board Meeting. After sharing the details of the structure, we broke into small groups to explore what we want to preserve from our current model, the potential benefits of the new structure, what is needed for success, and how we will contribute as board members.  Below you will find the synthesized responses. 

GSI Board Governance Slides v.510.jpg

Role of the Leadership Advisory Council (LAC)

• Advisory to Executive Board and organization ​

• Strategic thought-leadership group​

• Supports and enhances efforts across economic development, talent, advocacy,

   and sustainability ​

• Supports public relations and communications efforts​

• Appoints a Nominating Committee, Nominating Committee selects Executive Board Officers 

  (LAC Chair, Chair-Elect, General Counsel and Treasurer)

• Encouraged to participate in at least one Working Committee

Response Needed
Leadership Advisory Council Commitment (LAC)

Thank you

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